One step back, two steps forward.

As a percussionist, it can be difficult to schedule a practice routine. Do I practice every instrument ever day or put all my focus into one instrument? I have found out, for my own benefit, that I need to focus with one instrument at a time in order to progress. I am also taking the […]

Recorders in the Rocky Mountains

      This melody that I composed will teach students a hand-full of notes on the recorder and some musical mechanics (crescendos, articulation, and dynamics). We can break down the song by taking out the mechanics and just play the notes at one dynamic. From there, I will add on using the spiral curriculum. Recording     […]

Harvest Lesson Plan

“Leaf Man” by Lois Ehlert   Pictures and Facts Fall in love with fall! Create -Create your own leaf characters while playing the listening playlist. -Have everyone write their names on leaves and create big display for parents with leaf figures and big tree   Leaves to stay away from “Three leaves, let it be!” […]

To be or not to be…a Wolf

We are going listening and acting to Peter and the Wolf. We could use many props to disguise ourselves as the characters in this piece. The first video will play each character’s theme. I will have the students listen to the themes and imitate the theme through motion. This video plays the whole piece starting at 2:30 Another idea we could […]

Floating On the River

This is an composition for elementary music. Talk about outdoor activities, have students come up with different lyrics, color pictures of the song, ect. So many options Time to Float on the River!   I’m lying here on my cot, But it is too dad-gum hot. So, I jump in the river. Now I have […]

First Observation 

I had a wonderful first experience observing Mrs. Stahl’s kindergarten class. I also found out that Mrs. Stahl was my elementary music teacher too! It’s amazing that I’m still learning from my elementary music teacher years later. Good luck trying to read my form.